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Hire live reptiles for your next kids birthday party.
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Absolutely the best party hire in Melbourne, Australia.

For your next reptile show for a kids birthday party make sure you get Australia's most sought after reptile display party hire company.
This is because we are the only interactive reptile shows that let everyone handle the animals.
In a totally safe environment we give everyone an unrivalled experience that they'll never forget.
We invented mobile reptile parties® and that is why we own the registered trademarks for reptile party and reptile parties.
We are Melbourne's best priced reptile party hire company for an mobile reptile show for kids parties.
We also don't limit number of kids or charge extra over a given number.
Remember we are the only genuine reptile party® company.
We alone have a perfect safety record spanning 32 years.
Why take risks with unsafe imitators?

Reptile Party ® Scammer warning! Click here!

1/ We're alone have a hands on reptiles show, where all people can hold the animals. No other reptile display lets you or your kids hold animals.
2/ We bring a lot more reptiles to your venue than copy cats, including kinds no one else even has.
3/ We are alone with the expertise to have government certified surgically devenomized deadly snakes to guarantee safety for all and the welfare of the animals.
Less experienced imitators with venomous snakes are not legal and will put you and your kids at risk!
4/ Get it right the first time and get the best reptile party hire brand in Australia

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